Kontakme Launches The Kontak List, An Auto Updating Contact List.

Kontak List, Kontakme's version of an online address book, is now ready for service. It works in conjunction with Kontakme's contact links and it aims to improve the way we manage our contact lists.

The Kontak List

The Kontak List - your online contact list

How did we improve the management of the contact list? Simple, we designed the service in a way that you do not have to manage it anymore.

Normally, there are at least two things that you need to do when managing your contact list in your smartphone. One is doing a regular back-up and the other is to update the entries in the contact information when required, such as when a contact changes their phone number or email address.

The address book or contact list in our smartphones is probably one of the most important things that we own. It is so important that if we lose or break our phone, it is enough to ruin our day especially if we did not make a back-up of it. Hence, it is now a necessity to back-up your contact list regularly. Truth be told, most people do not actually back-up regularly for varying reasons. For most people who are not tech savvy, it is a technically challenging activity. For some, it is just extra work. But at the end of the day, when the inevitable happens, the feeling of regret for not backing-up sinks in. There is nobody

to blame but yourself.

There are also times when you have to change your phone number or email address. And in doing so, you would normally have to notify your contacts to update their contact lists, too. If you have 100 contacts that you think need to know your new phone number or email address, you will have to notify at least 100 people. And each person who receives your notification needs to update their own contact list in their smartphone, and perhaps even the address books in their notebooks, tablets and desktops.

With the Kontakme solution, the two activities mentioned above are eliminated, or at the very least, minimized so that it does not become a regular activity. There is no need to back-up because your contact list is stored online. If you lose or break your phone, just remember the link https://kontak.me/kloud or simply kontak.me/kloud and it opens up your online address book. You can access your contact list from virtually any internet enabled device.

If you are a Kontakme user and you have shared your contact link to other people, there is no need to notify them whenever you change your contact information. If other people open your contact link or access your contact info from their Kontak list, they will always get the updated contact information.

Kontak list also does not consume a lot of memory space in your smartphone because the contact information is not stored in the phone. But if you want to have a local copy of a person's contact information, you can download the person's vCard from the contact page.

Add the Kontak List page in the home screen of your smartphone and you will get a quick access icon for your Kontak List.

Kontak List App icon

Kontak List Icon added to home screen (click to view a sample home screen)

To avail of these benefits, Sign-up for a Kontakme account now and get your personalized contact link. It is free and only takes a few minutes to sign-up. Once you have filled up your public information, start sharing your contact link instead of your phone number or email address when someone asks for your contact information. Tell you receiver to memorize your contact link.

Do not forget to share the service with your family, friends and colleagues. The more people who use the Kontakme service, the more efficient the service becomes. Sign-up now .

"Memorize my contact link and you will know how to contact me ... forever."


Jonee Pabiania - CEO and Founder

I'd like to share a simple and innovative way to make it easier for others to memorize and recall and manage your contact information. It makes use of readable URLs called contact links. It includes features that will allow the receivers of your contact link to conveniently store your contact information in their smartphones, tablets and computers or in an online address book called the Kloud Contact List. The best part of it is that, the contact links are easily memorized. As I like to say, "remember my contact link, and you will always remember how to contact me".

By signing up to the service, you become part of the solution for improving the handling of contact information. The basic service is free. You nor your intended receivers of your contact information do not need to download any special app. It works on almost all regular internet browsers and with almost any smartphone, tablet or computer. When you sign-up, I suggest you claim your personalized contact link before somebody else beats you to your favorite keyword. Do take note, Internet access is required.

Check out also our new services for property tagging and for pet owners. Try the services for free. For property tagging go to utagg.it . For pet owners, visit petsare.us .

If you experience any bugs in the website or with the service, please let us know as soon as possible. If you want other features or color themes to be added in the service, I will be happy to discuss it with you. I'm listening :-) ...

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