Our Bag Tags Can Do More Than Just Being Tags

The advent of self service check-in in the airline industry has spun off several new innovations in the bag tagging industry. British Airways, Lufthansa, Qantas, and other airline companies have started rolling out bags with built-in screens together with luggage suppliers. Built-in bag tags that can display the flight information and the barcodes used by the international baggage handling systems. Ticketing companies automatically forward the travel info to the bag tag. How cool is that? The first implementation was way back 2013 and until now, it has not reached the main stream market because they are very expensive. The technology has been integrated to some luggage brands but the price is still very prohibitive for the average traveler. They were designed to support the existing luggage handling systems which rely heavily on 3D scanning technology. The system as it is, is semi automated with 3D scanners reading the bar codes of the luggages with 85% success rates in reading luggage labels correctly. The 15% failure rate when reading barcodes is attributed to mangled tags or the tags have fallen off. It requires some TLC (Tender Loving Care) from baggage handlers to check the bag pockets for identifiable contact information which is often not there. It cost airlines billions of dollars in operational cost annually to solve the issue of lost baggage. In reality, that amount is peanuts for the airlines. What is sad is the fact that the passenger lost the baggage, in effect causing emotional distress and inconvenience, but it could have been avoided by solving the simple, yet often over-looked issue of not labeling the bag properly.

Enter utaggit [ you-tag-it ] . The name itself is short for universal tagging information tool. It is actually a cloud tagging service that was beta launched last year and it is now ready for prime time service. The service aims to provide the average traveler a way for tagging their travel bags using any affordable bag tag. Adding the capability to hide contact information and show it only when needed or if necessary, is a practical way of upgrading the function of any regular bag tag. In effect, this feature provides added security to any bag tag. Here's how you can turn any bag tag into a smart tag:

1. Go to kontak.me. and generate a contact link using the Interactive Bag Tag generator.

2. Write the contact link onto your bag tag using the suggested text provided in the "How To" section of your control panel.

3. Use the provided web app to take a picture of the bag where you will attach your bag tag.

4. Fill up you personal contact and destination info and set your bag status based on the appropriate condition. That's it, you're done!

If you have multiple bags, you can use the same contact link. But make sure you take individual photos of the bags and save them in your photo gallery in your smartphone. If one of the bags gets lost, you can upload the photo from the phone. Whoever opens your contact link will see it and will be instructed with what to do.

One feature which we will mention is the support for passive geo location information sharing. In the event that your contact link is opened, you will be notified via email regarding the following:

a. Location where the link was opened. It may not necessarily be the location where your lost item is, but it is an indication that someone has got your bag.

b. Name and phone number of the finder. That's if the finder shares that info.

c. If you get lucky, the device that was used by the finder may have the location service turned ON and that he/she is willing to share the location info, you will also get an actual location in Google Map. If the finder will not share any location info, you will only get an IP address which is not that accurate, but at least you will get a probable location.

The service also aims to assist the parties involved in retrieving and returning the lost and found item. But this is pretty much dependent on the intention of the finder. Let's just hope our world is still full of honest and helpful people ;-)

This seemingly low tech solution which does not use any electronics means it does not need any batteries. It becomes maintenance free and easier to pass aviation certification rules because it has no components that can easily catch fire (e.g. rechargeable batteries). It's one way of showing that the Internet of things can be jump started without the need to be expensive. The Smart in the tag is not how high tech the gadget is, but what it can do and how useful it becomes.

Get a contact link now and see for yourself how this innovation can change the way we tag our property. It's free for a limited period of time so hurry. You have until the end of June for the freebies. Visit utagg.it for more information. Those who sign-up now can get the basic services free for life.

About Utaggit

Utaggit is a spin off cloud service of Kontakme. It uses the same contact links as the one offered by Kontakme but the contact page is modified for travelers.

About Kontakme LLC

Kontakme LLC is a Universal Contact Information Service which specialize in generation and management of contact links. Contact links are short URLs that opens a page containing contact information and other stuff. In some way, it can be referred to as a digital business card.


Jonee Pabiania - CEO and Founder

I'd like to share a simple and innovative way to make it easier for others to memorize and recall and manage your contact information. It makes use of readable URLs called contact links. It includes features that will allow the receivers of your contact link to conveniently store your contact information in their smartphones, tablets and computers or in an online address book called the Kloud Contact List. The best part of it is that, the contact links are easily memorized. As I like to say, "remember my contact link, and you will always remember how to contact me".

By signing up to the service, you become part of the solution for improving the handling of contact information. The basic service is free. You nor your intended receivers of your contact information do not need to download any special app. It works on almost all regular internet browsers and with almost any smartphone, tablet or computer. When you sign-up, I suggest you claim your personalized contact link before somebody else beats you to your favorite keyword. Do take note, Internet access is required.

Check out also our new services for property tagging and for pet owners. Try the services for free. For property tagging go to utagg.it . For pet owners, visit petsare.us .

If you experience any bugs in the website or with the service, please let us know as soon as possible. If you want other features or color themes to be added in the service, I will be happy to discuss it with you. I'm listening :-) ...

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