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  • eKloud Contact List Service
  • eKloud Contact List Service
  • eKloud Contact List Service

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Product Details

The eKloud™ or enhanced Kloud is a sharable online contact list that stores contact links*. It is the enhanced version of Kontakme's online contact list. What makes it different from the built-in online contact list is that the eKloud contact list can be shared publicly or in private groups. It retains the user friendly admin interface for adding or removing contact entries. It is very easy to manage because there is really nothing to manage. Contact info details are managed by their respective owners.

This service is perfect for public directories, clinical and hospital directories, dealership customer care and sales directory, school alumni directories, trade show and exhibit directories, business conference directories, and more.

What the basic package includes:

  • One (1) year email technical support
  • One (1) standard web based contact list
  • One (1) administrative account
  • One (1) random contact link (short URL)
  • One (1) personalized contact link (short URL)
  • Online manual


  • Integration services if you want assistance on integrating the contact list to your website.
  • Customization services to make the contact list look like it is seamlessly part of your website.
  • Customization services to make the contact list do more stuff like support advertising sponsors or change the labels to be displayed. This requires a longer development time depending on how simple or complex the additional functions would be.
  • Bulk provisioning - You supply as with the names and contact info and we create everything. Once the users are provisioned, we hand-over the admin account.

It currently supports only the storage of contact links from kontak.me which means, that to be able to be part of a contact list, one needs to have a Kontakme account.

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