The Kontakme cloud service was created for the purpose of making it easier for others to memorize and recall contact information using a contact link. Instead of giving away a phone number when someone asks for your contact information, you give away your contact link, which is scientifically proven to be easier to memorize and recall.

Why is this important in business?
In the business world, memory recall is everything. If your target market knows how to connect with you, or better yet, if they can recall your contact information from memory, they can become your future clients.

Why is this important for personal use?
If you have a Kontakme account, it will be easier for people who matter to you to be able to connect with you forever*, regardless if you change your phone number, changed your email, your job or if they lose or break their phone. It is a practical way of memorizing and keeping contact information updated.

The possibility of phones breaking down or getting lost is not entirely zero. If it happens to you, chances are, you will lose all the contact numbers of some important people. Imagine if those important people have contact links. Recalling their contact information is as simple as typing their contact links in an internet browser.

This simple solution provides real world benefits to both the marketing industry and for personal use. It is a step forward to improving how we share and store contact information. Using brain power and the advancement in mobile Internet technology, large amount of contact information can now be stored in one's long term memory, untethered and free from the limitations of battery power.

*provided you update your contact information online.


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A Contact Link is a personalized link that opens a mobile optimized webpage that contains one's contact information. By consolidating your contact information into one easy to remember keyword, memorizing and recalling contact information becomes easy. In effect, this makes it easier to share contact information.

Use your contact link anywhere. Add it in your business card to make your business information easier to store in any contact list without ruining the layout of your current business card. Use it together with mobile scanning technologies to increase the convenience factor. Use it as part of your email signature to make it easier for family members, friends and clients to remember how to connect with you.

Here is an example of a contact link for Nathan Jones, a fictitious character created by Kontakme for demonstration purposes.


Try opening it from a smartphone by typing the contact link in the internet browser or by scanning the QR code. Internet connection is required.


Contact information as we know it, is not just the phone number and the email address anymore. For most of us, it now includes our Online Presence.

An e-mail address, a social network account, a blog site or any online service account that allows the public to connect with us through the Internet is considered an Online Presence.

Communication services such as voice and text messaging have moved into the internet realm. With a lot more services that promote social interaction being built in the internet, the question of how to manage these multiple services is becoming a pressing issue.

Kontakme provides a solution on how to simplify the management of these online presences to some extent. The solution requires "us" to be part of the solution. By creating a Kontakme account, users can consolidate their online presences into one contact link. Anybody who wants to connect with a particular person would only need to remember one contact link to be able to access the contact information of the person of interest. The link can be your name or a keyword that is easy to remember.


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The Kontakme cloud base service is a one-stop shop for creating your very own digital business cards and contact link. Everything you need to create and edit your Kontakme page is readily available here. If you need more help, our team will be happy to assist you.

  • Link Generator

  • QR Code Generator

  • Privacy Settings

  • Statistics Reporting Tool

  • Ready-Made Themes

  • Works on all devices

  • Marketing Guide

  • Integration Guide

  • Over 30 Customizable Fields

  • /
    For Small and Big Groups

  • Easy to Share

  • Online Contact List

  • Accessible Anywhere, Anytime


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Print media comes in different sizes. From the smallest business card to towering billboards, they all suffer from one common problem, limited writable space. For professionals who use the Internet for communications, it is often a challenge to fit all the URLs of their social presences in the limited real estate of a business card or in printed marketing materials. More often than not, the social network URLs are left out when "real estate" is a premium. An opportunity lost. If they are ever added, they often become an eye sore.

Kontakme allows you to squeeze all those online presences and phone numbers into a single link thereby maintaining a clean, uncluttered layout of the business card or print ad.


  • QR Code scanning technology has been available for quite a while in smartphones through QR code reader apps. It is just now that the market is realizing the convenience it brings into our daily lives. Almost any camera equipped smartphone now support this function without the need of downloading a QR code reader application.
  • nfc

    NFC or near field communications is now a common feature in almost all smartphones and this brings us into a whole level of convenience.

    NFC enabled pens can be used to share your contact information to any NFC capable smartphone.

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  • The latest smartphones in the market now support Optical Character Recognition readers in the camera app. Just aim the smartphone camera app on the text and the smartphone can read the texts and URLs. Though not as popular as QR codes, they can still be useful especially if there is limited space where you can embed a QR code image.

    Kontakme's contact links are compatible with the scanning technologies that support URL redirection.

    Our solution is best deployed in markets with high mobile internet access penetration.
  • Our contact links can be stored in Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons and can be broadcasted within a limited geographic location. This is perfect for conventions, and exhibits, as this can take the place of paper business cards.


Kontakme's cloud service is designed to be easily integrated to existing web domains and IT processes. Large companies can have their own log in portal and exclusive themes. We manage the service for you so that you can focus in your core business.


Just because your business does not deal with the Internet and high tech stuff does not mean you do not need to be in the Internet. If the public is your target market, the more you need to have an Internet identity. Kontakme can put your presence in the Internet even if you do not have a website.


Kontakme is building more services around contact links and they can extend beyond the business community. By integrating it with scanning technologies, it increases the convenience factor and creates more useful services. We have released products and services that are now much easier to use.


Textured Themes

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Colored Themes

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  • Photo and Logo/Images

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    Upload your photo, company logo or ad banners. The service supports jpeg, png and gif image files. You can also use your Facebook profile photo or your online avatar from "gravatar".

    Images with transparent backgrounds allows for a hovering effect and really improves the look of your kontakme page.

    Animated gif files are also supported.
  • Name and Labels

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    This section allows you to add your complete name or professional name, your company name and your company position or profession. If ever you get promoted, or you transferred to another company, you can change your company information anytime from your smartphone or computer.
  • Connectivity

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    Supports the following connectivity features (call and messaging functions):
    - 2 phone numbers (1 landline and 1 mobile number)
    - 1 SMS / text messaging phone number (regular mobile number only)
    - a business email address
    - a website URL
    - Skype ID
    - Facetime
    - WhatsApp
    - Viber
    - and more to come

  • Services Description

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    We have provided a flexible field that supports 1000 text characters. This is ideal for describing yourself, your products, your services or if you are in the business of also providing regular promotions, events, or public bulletins, this field can work wonders.
  • Address

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    This is provided for those who wish their business to be visited. Google Map links are also available for premium users upon request.
  • Share Function

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    The share function is used to share your contact link to social media feeds, or to other people via SMS, email or using a QR code.

    When your contact link is shared in Facebook and Twitter, we designed it in such a way that the shared content really looks professionally done. Now it's easy for everybody to become a rock star!
  • Follow Function

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    Supports the FOLLOW function for the following social networks:
    - Facebook
    - Twitter
    - LinkedIn
    - Google Plus
    - RSS blog page
    - Instagram or any picture gallery link
    - YouTube and other video link
    - Yelp! page
    - and other social media pages such as TikTok, Patreon, Telegram and more.
  • Save Function

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    This function allow users of your contact link to:

    • download and save your contact information into their smartphone's contact list with ease. Kontakme automatically creates a downloadable vCard file using the information you allowed to be displayed in public.

    • Save your contact link into Kontakme's online contact list called the "Kloud".

    • Add your contact link in the smartphone homescreen

  • Themes

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    Kontakme comes with pre-designed themes to make it easier to jump start your online mobile presence even if you don't have a website.

    You can decide to change your themes whenever you like right from your smartphone. Choose from our textured and colored themes. If you do not find what you want, let us know and we'll be glad to assist you. If you or your organization wants a design exclusively just for you, we can arrange that, too.

    Premium contact pages are also available for paying users who avail of Kontakme's premium services and products. Check-out the business/formal theme HERE .
  • Link Redirection

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    This is a premium service. We can auto-redirect your landing page to a pre-defined webpage after a pre-defined number of seconds; both the redirect link and time to redirect are programmable and can be changed.
  • Home Screen Icons

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    This nifty feature allows you to upload an icon that becomes a homescreen icon. What it does is this, when someone saves your kontakme page on their smartphone homescreen, the image you uploaded is what appears as the homescreen button. If you uploaded a picture, that picture will appear as the homescreen icon. Your kontakme page becomes an instant web app and can be accessed anytime from the homescreen.
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  • Flexible Integration

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    If you have an existing website, it is easy to integrate Kontakme's contact links so that they become consistent with your domain name. It will fit your existing business strategies and existing website with minimal work.

    Any domain name

    Kontakme provides a ready made QR code for each contact link. These QR codes are compatible with scanning apps that support opening of URLs.

    NFC tag readers are available in new smartphones as a built-in feature or as an after market accessory. Compatible with most NFC readers that supports opening of URLs in the Internet browser.


    Text recognition (optical character recognition) apps can read the texts in the contact links and open the URLs using the Internet browser of the device.
    Samsung Phones come with the Optical Reader app. Contact links can also be used as the redirect links of Image Recognition Apps.

    .ME and .US
    For generating your personalized short links, choose from our available domains which aims to invite the public to check you out, whether you are an individual or part of a company. Get your personalized short link now before somebody beats you to it. Kontak.us is a premium domain and requires additional configuration.



  • Simplicity

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    Kontakme Page

    Your contact link can be opened from any regular internet browser on almost any internet enabled smartphone, tablet, computer, or Operating System platform on any telecom network without requiring any special application to download. Almost anybody can access your business information from almost any Internet enabled device.
  • Privacy Switch

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    Privacy Settings

    With the privacy switch feature, you as the owner of a Kontakme account can choose who can view your contact information.

    The options are:
    1. Anybody
    2. Nobody
    3. Kontakme users only who are logged in
    4. Kontakme users who are listed in your Kloud contact list.
  • Kloud Contact List

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    The Kloud contact list is an online address book for Kontakme’s contact links. It can be accessed from any Internet enabled smartphone, tablet or computer.

    Right now, you can save only the contact links generated by the Kontakme service. We are positioning the product to become part of the telecom service so that almost anyone who gets a phone number also gets a contact link.

    The contact list can also store public contact lists that are maintained by groups defined in the Kontakme service.
  • Credits

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    Kontakme uses Credits to allow its users to buy new contact links and access to the premium fields.

About Us
Kontakme is a New York based online service for easily creating universal digital business cards, scannable business cards, simplified property tags, and pet tags. We work with other great companies to create other solutions like the Contact Link Plus , a tap-to-share business card. We also have the Contact Link Bleu, a bluetooth beacon that acts as a wireless business card which you can use to broadcast to multiple smartphone users in a limited geographic area.

We are focused on bringing our core service called the ContactLink into mainstream use and we have built a complete portfolio of products and services that promises to make it easier to share, memorize, save, and manage contact information economically.

Kontakme is a servicemark of Kontakme LLC.

The Eternity Business Card, Contact Link Plus, ContactLink, Contact Link BLEU, and BLEU Kloud Services are trademarks of Kontakme LLC.

The domain names kontak.me, kontak.us, utagg.it and petsare.us are registered to Kontakme LLC. For integration with your existing website or domain name, please contact us.

Use the infinity symbol ( ∞ ) to advertise your contact link. See our marketing guide for details.

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Enterprise Integration
Kontakme can be deployed in companies with large number of sales and marketing personnel. Contact us for integration details.

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Kontakme LLC is looking for partnerships with companies currently in the following industry:
• Ad Agency business
• Marketing Communications
• NFC Production and Distribution
• Business Cards Production
• Web Site Development
• Name Tags, Business Tags and Pet Tags manufacturing
Please contact us if you are interested.

We accept payments via credit cards and PayPal accounts.

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