Kontakme Launches QR Coded Bag Tags Under Its Utagg.it Brand

We are happy to release our QR coded bag tags under our Utaggit (You-Tag-It) Smart Tagging Service. With our QR coded bag tags, we are bringing additional conveniences in the travel and property tagging industry. I am personally excited to introduce this as the travel industry is picking up again after the pandemic. Hopefully, this product will help travelers as well as the airline companies and airports cope with the baggage handling woes that is now frequently happening. The tags can of course be used anywhere else you can attached it and declare as a returnable property. 

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Kontaxio Adds Access Control via Smart Watch To Its Services

Our Kontaxio clients can now unlock doors of buildings and smart lockers serviced by Kontaxio using some of the current smart watch models. 

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Kontax.io Launches New Service - Meet The BOSS

Meet the BOSS (Box of SurpriseS). Our answer to solving New York City's package theft problems in apartment buildings. BOSS, is an affordable, flexible, space saving, locker solution for holding packages and keeping them out of sight.

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Kontakme Launches Kontaxio (kontax.io) - a Video Door Cam & Access Control Solution for New York City Apartment Buildings

New York City apartment buildings come in all forms and sizes. Some have doormen to open the doors and welcome guests, others have virtual doorman services that handle the opening of doors from a remote location. Some are equipped with audio/video intercoms with access control, but majority still uses the traditional audio-only intercom doorbells. You can't miss those pimpled stainless steel boxes that adorn the entrance of the apartment buildings, a lot of them have existed way back in the 90's. Modern audio/video intercom systems with access control are also becoming common for newer apartment buildings but the video monitor and door control is still fixed on a specific location of the house or apartment. Unlike smart door bells being sold today, these doorbells support audio/video communications via smartphones and are fairly easy to deploy, but, they are for single detached houses or residences only.

Welcome to New York City, a city with over 100,000 apartment buildings, more than half of it are century old, and most of it make do of audio only door intercom and access control systems. Not being able to see who is ringing your door bell at the main door entrance is somewhat an inconvenience and even a security risk. Kontakme takes a look at this market and took the challenge in building a solution to bring the current door cam features into a multi-tenant apartment building.

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Kontakme and KEFA Help Deliver Government Services Online

Last December 2018, Kontakme together with our partner, KEFA Information Technology Services (Philippines) signed a contract with The Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board or HLURB, the government agency in the Philippines tasked to regulate the housing and land use for the whole country. KEFA and Kontakme are tasked to upgrade and optimize their system that handles the registration and regulation of more than 20,000 real estate professionals nationwide (Real Estate Broker/Salesperson Information System - REBIS). Kontakme's role is to provide the design, create the application and provide technical consulting services. The system is now operational with over 22,000 real estate broker and salesperson accounts migrated into the new system. The system promises to make it very easy for real estate professionals to apply online for a real estate license as well as make it easy for the public to verify the credentials of a real estate broker or salesperson during the property buying process. The agency stands to benefit a lot, too in terms of increased operational capabilities, faster processing of applications, better utilization of personnel, and having a platform that is poised to make it easy to launch and manage online services. We are now in the process of training the agency personnel on how to use the system.

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