Kontakme and KEFA Help Deliver Government Services Online

Last December 2018, Kontakme together with our partner, KEFA Information Technology Services (Philippines) signed a contract with The Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board or HLURB, the government agency in the Philippines tasked to regulate the housing and land use for the whole country. KEFA and Kontakme are tasked to upgrade and optimize their system that handles the registration and regulation of more than 20,000 real estate professionals nationwide (Real Estate Broker/Salesperson Information System - REBIS). Kontakme's role is to provide the design, create the application and provide technical consulting services. The system is now operational with over 22,000 real estate broker and salesperson accounts migrated into the new system. The system promises to make it very easy for real estate professionals to apply online for a real estate license as well as make it easy for the public to verify the credentials of a real estate broker or salesperson during the property buying process. The agency stands to benefit a lot, too in terms of increased operational capabilities, faster processing of applications, better utilization of personnel, and having a platform that is poised to make it easy to launch and manage online services. We are now in the process of training the agency personnel on how to use the system.

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Opening Your Business To A Much Wider User Group

Mobile phone numbers and email addresses are the official and most common contact info used by professionals and entrepreneurs today. But that is quickly changing as more and more social network platforms are providing their own Instant Messaging and Voice communications services. According to the statistics for the 1st quarter of 2018 (https://www.statista.com/statistics/258749/most-po...) WhatsApp has reached over 1.5 billion users worldwide, with Facebook Messenger not far behind. Viber and other Instant Messaging services each has at least 200 million users. These numbers are signs of a changing landscape where business users are redesigning their marketing tools to be able to make use of these mobile instant messaging and calling services that are relatively free to use and are popular to Internet users. Another interesting fact is that, Internet users today are now spending longer sessions on their smartphones than the previous years. If you sell products and services online, you should be able to let your target market instantly talk to you and Kontakme provides you with the platform to let you exactly do this without breaking the bank.

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Product Security Update: Anti-Spam Bot Added in the Messaging Function

Image courtesy of http://www.yurtopic.com/tech/web-marketing/bot-mal...

Last month, we have observed that one of our kontakme accounts kept getting email messages from random senders using the Kontakme email function in the Kontakme contact link. Our investigation led is to conclude that someone is using a spam bot to send spam using the Kontakme messaging form in the contact link. A spam bot or spam robot is a malicious program that is designed to automatically manipulate Internet forms to send unsolicited emails or or other malicious activities) If you are getting random messages from the Kontakme messaging system, it is a sign that your account is also being targetted by the spam bot. Do not be alarmed...

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Bleu Kloud Service™ = Better People Networking Experience and New Revenue Streams

We are excited to announce the commercial availability of the BLEu Kloud Service™ (BKS) solution designed to serve the needs in small to very large people networking events and public areas such as conventions, exhibits, business waiting area, or multi-dwelling residences where there is a need to broadcast important contact information such as exhibitors list, participants list, speakers list, utility services list, food, hotel and transportation lists.

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The eKloud™ - Reengineering The Contact List

The Kontakme Kloud Contact List has been reengineered to make it sharable.

Happy New Year everyone. Last December 2017, we released our first and second tangible products for commercial sales in the US market. We also promised to deliver 2 new products in the first quarter of 2018.

So, to live up to that promise, I spent the past two weeks during the bitter cold of winter in New York City, developing the next products that will compliment our universal contact information service. Today, I am happy to announce the release of the eKloud™ Contact List Service or simply the Kloud* - a managed, online contact list that can be shared publicly or in a closed group. It is designed to store the contact links of users registered in Kontakme and other managed contact lists. The service is meant to make it possible to share and mentally memorize a very large contact list using only a single URL. If you need to maintain a large contact list or even your school's alumni directory or your department's contact list without making it a chore, this is definitely for you. Want to know more?

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