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  • About Kontakme

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    About Us
    Kontakme LLC is a New York City registered company.

    Kontakme specializes in contact links which transforms ordinary business cards into interactive communications portals. Kontakme is a Universal Contact Information Service that can consolidate contact information, webpages and social network links into a single contact link that is easy to memorize, and easy to store on almost any contact list.

    Kontakme is a servicemark of Kontakme LLC.
    The Eternity Business Card is a trademark of Kontakme LLC.

    We also own and maintain the domains kontak.me and kontak.us. For integration with your existing website or domain name, please contact us.

    The infinity symbol ( ∞ ) is Kontakme's icon of choice for informing the public that any company logo or business name with an infinity symbol attached to it signifies that it has a kontakme link which can be accessed using the link kontak.us/companyname

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    Enterprise Integration
    Kontakme can be deployed in companies with large number of sales and marketing personnel. Contact us for integration details.

    Partners and Affiliate Programs
    Kontakme LLC is looking for partnerships with companies currently in the following industry:
    • Ad Agency business
    • Marketing Communications
    • NFC Production and Distribution
    • Business Cards Production
    • Web Site Development
    • Name Tags, Business Tags and Pet Tags manufacturing
    Please contact us if you are interested.

    We accept payments via credit cards and PayPal accounts.

    Email us: info@kontak.me

    Contact Information

    Jonee Pabiania
    Founder and CEO
    Remember my contact link ∞ : kontak.me/jonee

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