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  • What do I need to start?
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    You need to prepare the following when you sign-up:
    1. A valid email address or a Facebook account.
    2. A good clear photograph in .jpg or or .png format; recommended size is 200px X 200px. (square)
    3. If you want to use a logo, your logo should have a transparent background for best results; maximum size is w=280px, h=200px.
    4. A keyword that you want to use in your personalized link. The keyword can be your complete name or something related to your business or something you want to be associated with. Minimum of 5 characters.
    5. You will need a credit card or a Paypal account if you are going to buy a keyword for your personalized link.
    6. You public contact information (Company name, Position, Business Description, Phone Numbers, Email Address, Address, Social Network links, etc.)
  • What do I get when I sign up?
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    When you sign-up you get the following:
    1. A Kontakme landing page which the public will be able to access,
    2. A random generated short link which is associated to your landing page. This is your master contact link.
    3. 15 credits that you can use to buy a personalized contact link or use as access to the premium fields when they expire.
    4. 30 days access to the premium fields from the date when you signed up. After the expiration date, you can use credits to access the premium fields. The credits can buy you a 1 week, 1 month, 6 months, and 1 year access.
  • What is a contact link? What is a personalized link? What is a contact page?
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    A contact link is a short URL that opens a contact page or a digital business card.

    A personalized link is a contact link that uses readable keywords. The link that you get when you register is a randomly generated contact link and it is usually not readable. Personalized contact links are readable links which makes it easier to memorize and recall.
    You can buy it for a cost of 15 Kontakme credits (around US$3). You can get a personalized link as soon as you complete your registration for free during our promotional sign-up period.

    A contact page is a mobile optimized webpage that consolidates the contact information and social network pages of an individual who wishes to promote his or her services to the public or to a select group. The page is designed in such a way so that the call and messaging functions are well integrated with the smartphone's call and messaging functions. It is carefully designed to automatically use the user's information and profile images when sharing the page to the most popular social network pages.
  • What do I get when I purchase a personalized link?
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    When you purchase a personalized link, you get the following:
    1. 1 year right-to-use, renewable every year.
    2. Online Technical support services.
    3. Access to Manuals
  • What are the premium fields?
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    The premium fields are:
    1. Logo field - Allows you to upload wider images larger than 200 pixels. Ideal for wide logos or banners with animated gif images
    2. Company Information
    3. Address field
    4. A text field and title slider ; ideal for describing a business, event, yourself, promo or announcement.
  • How many personalized links can I purchase?
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    Your basic subscription is allowed a maximum of 5. We do not allow more than 5 because the service is supposed to make it easier for someone to remember contact info. If you have more contact links, you will make it difficult for other people to remember your contact link. We recommend you only use one contact link if possible. Create multiple accounts if you want to use contact links for different set of audiences (e.g. for business only, for personal use only.
  • How many Kontakme me accounts can I create and do they expire?
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    1 unique username can create only 1 Kontakme account. You can create multiple Kontakme accounts as long as you use different usernames per account and you can use the same email address. Accounts that have no activity for six (6) months will be expired on a case to case basis. No activity refers to the following:
    1. No clicks on any of the associated contact links.
    2. No login within 6 months.
  • Is the Kontakme service free?
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    The basic service is free. When you sign-up for a Kontakme account, you are given one random contact link, and 15 credits to allow you to select your own personalized contact link. You are given a 1 month free premium subscription that will allow you to do the following:
    1. Edit the premium fields (subject to change without prior notice)
    2. Add a logo or a small banner image and alternately display them in the contact page.
    3. Change the "More info" section
    4. Change your profile.

    After 1 month, your account falls back to the basic subscription service and you will not be able to edit the premium fields. You will be able to edit the premium fields using credits to which cost around 1 USD for a 1 week access. If you do not change contact information often, you really do not need to buy any subscription. Your contact link and contact page will continue to work as long as you keep on sharing your contact link.
  • Which part of the service is not free?
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    1. The personalized contact links.
    2. The premium fields access

  • Why should I get a Kontakme personalized link?
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    The personalized contact link is easier to remember than a phone number or an e-mail address. Instead of giving out several links to your company websites, twitter accounts and facebook pages, you only give away a single link that consolidates your contact information and webpages.

    You can use it in your business card because it makes it easier to save the contact information in the business card.

    You can use it in your print ads because it can open more links to information that your readers might want to know. Newspaper ad space is expensive, but with Kontakme you are virtually squeezing a lot of information using a single, easy to memorize link.

    It is a perfect marketing tool because it can be made viral. It can be passed on conveniently via SMS, email, verbally, or through social networks with our easy to use user interface.
  • Can I sell or transfer the contact link that I bought to another person?
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  • Is Kontakme safe?
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    Kontakme was created for people who want to connect to the general public for business reasons. The more people who can access your contact information, the better. We therefore caution users to provide information that is only relevant to their public profession and business entities and refrain from posting private phone numbers, emails and links. Whatever information you type in your Kontakme account details is accessible to the public.

    We have the following privacy settings for your contact page:
    1. Anybody - for social media rockstars and sales people who want maximum exposure.
    2. Nobody - for those who may have temporarily changed their work details, a change of employer, or you just want to "turn off" your connection to the public. Those who have downloaded your contact number using vCards may still be able to contact you. Kontakme's privacy control is only for the online access of your contact page.
    3. Only Kontakme users who are logged in - perfect for business executives
    4. Only Kontakme users who are in your Kloud contact list - perfect for personal use.

    Credit Card Information:
    We do not keep credit card information. Our payment partner, PayPal, handles the security of the payment process.

    Your passwords are encrypted and are unreadable inside our administration control panel.

    Website Encryption:
    Kontakme's website is encrypted to prevent malicious people in the internet from "seeing" what you are sending from your browser to our web server. You would normally see the padlock sign when you are logged in your account and the http:// prefix is displayed as https:// .

    Using public computers to edit your Kontakme account:
    It is not recommended to use public computers to edit your account, but if you have no choice, do not forget to clear the history and cache of the Internet browser that you used.

    Anti-Phishing Notes:
    - Kontakme will not ask for your password and other personal details via email.
    - Kontakme will not ask for cash payments.
    - Emails from Kontakme all end with an
    - The following are the only domains owned and operated by Kontakme LLC:,, and
  • Can I use a domain name different from the domain? Example I'd like to open my contact page.
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    Yes. If you bought a personalized contact link or if you are a paying subscriber, we can provide the integration support for free. We can also get your desired domain for a minimum fee of 15 USD/year inclusive of support services. Prices may change without prior notice.
  • Is the Kontakme link compatible with different mobile devices?
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    Yes, we have extensively tested the Kontakme pages with different internet enabled smartphones from Apple, Android, Blackberry, and Windows. The page can also be accessed from a PC, Tablet or Notebook. Internet Access is required.
  • My call buttons do not work when I attempt to dial from the contact page. What is wrong?
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    Make sure you include the country code, area code and the 7 digit phone number. e.g. 16464072881. Do not add spaces or special characters. Enter one phone number only.
  • My website and social network pages do not open when I attempt to open them from the contact page. What is wrong?
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    Check the format. It should include the http:// or https:// e.g.
  • How do I cancel my Kontakme account.
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    Please follow the steps below:
    1. Go to My Account
    2. Click on Subscription Info
    3. Click Cancel Account and follow the instructions.

    Take note that once you cancel your account, all the contact links that you bought will be made available to the public. Take note that we do not return the contact links immediately to the public pool. This means that even if you canceled your account and attempt to create a new one using your previous contact links, you will not be able to use the ones you owned before.
  • Can I select who can see my Kontakme details?
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    Yes you can configure who can see your contact information.
    1. "Anybody" means any person who opens your contact link can view your contact info. This is perfect for people who need to interact with the public as much as possible with maximum exposure.
    2. "Only me" means complete privacy. Anybody who opens your contact link will only see your name. The rest of the information is hidden.
    3. "Contacts only" mean Kontakme registered users who are logged in and are in your Kloud contact list.
    4. "Kontakme-users" mean any Kontakme registered user who is logged in. This is ideal for people who want to interact with registered users.
  • Do you have affiliate programs?
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    Currently no. But we are working on the affiliate and reseller program details. You may also contact us HERE.
  • How can I change my default contact link?
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    Follow the instructions below:
    1. Login to your account
    2. In the control panel, select "Contact Links"
    3. Click the "Change it" button.
    4. Click the dropdown option and select the desired contact link.
    5. Click "Update" and you are done.
  • Can I get a refund if I discontinue my Kontakme account before it has expired?
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    No, Kontakme does not issue a refund. All sales are final.
  • I signed up for the basic subscription for free. During the 1st month, I can edit my settings and upload a custom logo and homescreen icon. After 1 month, I can’t upload or edit some of the information, anymore. Why is this?
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    The basic, free subscription includes a 1 month access to the premium fields. After one (1) month, the following sections are disabled:
    - Upload a logo or a 2nd image
    - The marketing and integration support documents becomes inaccessible
    - You will not be able to change your Contact Link after 1 month
    - You will not be able to edit the About Me title and text area after 1 month

    To be able to access all these premium features you need to buy a premium access pass.
  • I noticed that some of my personal information changed particularly the phone number and some of the URL links. The phone numbers now included the country code and area codes and the URLs now included the https or http.
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    We regularly check entries in the database for incorrect formats and we correct it to make sure the buttons in your contact page always work every time your visitors click a button. We will normally send you a notification when this happens.
  • Who do I call or contact if I have any problem with my account?
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    Please use our contact form for all issues or inquiries.
  • Can I sell or transfer the contact link that I bought to another person?
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  • How can I change my default contact link?
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    Follow the instructions below:
    1. Login to your account
    2. In the control panel, select "Contact Links"
    3. Click the "Change it" button.
    4. Click the dropdown option and select the desired contact link.
    5. Click "Update" and you are done.
  • How can I get another contact link?
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    Follow the instructions below:
    1. Login to your account
    2. In the control panel, select "Contact Links"
    3. Click the "Change it" button.
    4. Click the "Buy Credits" button.
    5. In the Redeem Credits section, click the Claim One (1) Personalized Contact Link" option.
    6. If you have enough credits, you will be required to enter your desired keyword. If you do not have enough credits, you will be asked to purchased enough credits. You need at least 15 credits to get a new contact link.
    7. After typing your desired keyword, click "Claim".
    8. If it available, it will automatically replace your old contact link. The old contact link will still work. The new contact link is what gets displayed in your contact page. To change it, follow the steps in the "How can I change my default contact link?"
  • What happens to my other contact link(s) when I buy a new contact link?
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    The random contact link and the other personalized contact link that you got using the free 15 credits will continue as long as your account is active. The personalized links that you bought will continue to work and are automatically renewed every year for a small fee of $12.
  • What does it mean to have an active account?
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    An active account is one where at least one of the contact links associated with it is still being shared or clicked once in 6 months.
  • How many phone numbers can I enter?
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    You can enter two different phone numbers. It is recommended that you provide at least 1 mobile number. The icon for the landline phone is the traditional phone handset while the one used for mobile numbers is a smartphone icon.
  • Can I create another contact page using the same account?
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    No. You account is associated to only one contact page.
  • Can I use the same email address when I want to create another Kontakme account?
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  • Can I change the theme colors of my contact page?
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    Follow the instructions below.
    1. Login to your account.
    2. Go to "Settings"
    3. Select "Theme" by clicking the > icon
    4. Select your desired color scheme.
    5. Click save and you are done.
    6. Select "Dashboard" to go back to your control panel.
  • How do I adjust the privacy of my contact page?
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    Follow the instructions below.
    1. Login to your account.
    2. Go to "Settings"
    3. Click the "Who can see your contact info" drop down option.
    4. Select your desired privacy level.
    5. Click update and you are done.
  • Will my contact link work in other countries?
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    Yes, as long as Internet access is available.
  • I want to use a logo or banner in my account. How can I insert it in the contact page?
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    1. Follow the instructions below.
    2. Login to your account.
    3. Click the "Logo" button or swipe left.
    4. Click on the gray area or drag and drop an image file. Only jpeg and png files are accepted.
    5. Once you have selected an image, trip it when needed and click "Confirm".
    6. Wait for the the "Saved" message to appear. When it does, you are done.
    7. Click the "Close" button.
    8. Click Update. If the upload goes well, you should see a small image appearing in the Logo/Image section.
    9. To change the image, just click the "Delete" button and repeat steps 3-6.
    10. Click the < button to return to the main control panel page.
  • The logo or banner that I uploaded is not completely shown. Either the left, right or bottom edges are missing. How do I correct this?
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    Click the Logo button and try adjusting the Logo size value. Using a smaller value decreases the size of the image. Adjust the size until the image is fully visible. Test it also from your smartphone to make sure the image displays in the smallest of screens.
  • The orientation of the profile image that i uploaded from my smartphone is rotated by 90 degrees. How do I correct this?
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    1. If you are adjusting the profile image, click the profile image.
    2. Click the pencil icon inside the profile image section.
    3. Click the rotate icon which is just right below the the image. It will rotate the image counter-clockwise. Click the rotate icon until the image is in your desired orientation.
    4. Click "Confirm". When the "saved" notification momentarily appears, you are done.
    5. Click the "Close" button to return to the Control Panel.
  • How can I generate a QR code using my contact link?
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    There are two ways you can generate a QR code.
    1. Go to Contact Links
    2. Click the QR Codes tab
    3. Click on the keyword that you want to generate a QR code with.
    4. Copy and Paste the image wherever you want to use it.

    By using any regular internet browser.
    1. Type the contact link in the URL input field of the browser and append a ".qr" at the end. (e.g.
    2. Click enter and the QR code image will appear.
  • How can I view the number of clicks of my contact link(s)?
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    1. Go to the Contact Links section.
    2. Click "Link & Stats"
    3. Click the keyword where you want to see the click stats.
  • How do I change my password?
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    1. Go to My Accounts
    2. Click the "Change Password" link
    3. Provide the changes
    4. Click Save and you are done.
  • What is the difference between the private email and the public email?
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    The private e-mail is the email address that you provided when you signed up. This email address is never shown in public and it is used only during password retrieval and system notifications and product announcements.

    The public e-mail is the email address that will be used for letting the public communicate with you via email. You can opt to use the same email address for both private and public.
  • Can I insert html coding in the more info section?
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  • How many accounts can I create?
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    You can create as many as you want provided you have no malicious intent on the use of those multiple accounts. We would understand if you have at least two. One for personal and one for work. Having more than 2 accounts is not advisable since you will be tempted to share more than one contact link thereby making it hard for people to remember your contact link(s).
  • How do I report the fraudulent use of my account?
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    Please email us at
  • How do I integrate my contact link to my website?
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    Please refer to the Integration Tools section below this page.
Available only to Kontakme subscribers.

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The tools in this section will guide you on the following:
  • How to correctly write your kontakme link in your business cards and print ads.
  • How to use Near Field Communications and QR code technology with kontakme for your posters and print ads.
  • When to use QR codes and links
Available only to Kontakme subscribers.

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The tools in this section will guide you on the following:
  • NFC Tags.
  • Tips on how to use your contact link for your posters and print ads.
  • Integrating with other domain names
  • Scannable Images.
  • Creating links and buttons that open your contact page.
Available only to Kontakme subscribers.

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The tools in this section will guide you on the following:
  • BLEU Technical Specifications.
  • Operational Instructions
  • Changing the battery
  • Checking the battery level using the RadBeacon Dot app.
  • How and Where to Use the BLEU beacon.

About Us
Kontakme is a New York based online service for easily creating universal digital business cards, scannable business cards, simplified property tags, and pet tags. We work with other great companies to create other solutions like the Contact Link Plus , a tap-to-share business card. We also have the Contact Link Bleu, a bluetooth beacon that acts as a wireless business card which you can use to broadcast to multiple smartphone users in a limited geographic area.

We are focused on bringing our core service called the ContactLink into mainstream use and we have built a complete portfolio of products and services that promises to make it easier to share, memorize, save, and manage contact information economically.

Kontakme is a servicemark of Kontakme LLC.

The Eternity Business Card, Contact Link Plus, ContactLink, Contact Link BLEU, and BLEU Kloud Services are trademarks of Kontakme LLC.

The domain names,, and are registered to Kontakme LLC. For integration with your existing website or domain name, please contact us.

Use the infinity symbol ( ∞ ) to advertise your contact link. See our marketing guide for details.

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Enterprise Integration
Kontakme can be deployed in companies with large number of sales and marketing personnel. Contact us for integration details.

Partners and Affiliate Programs
Kontakme LLC is looking for partnerships with companies currently in the following industry:
• Ad Agency business
• Marketing Communications
• NFC Production and Distribution
• Business Cards Production
• Web Site Development
• Name Tags, Business Tags and Pet Tags manufacturing
Please contact us if you are interested.

We accept payments via credit cards and PayPal accounts.

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Jonee Pabiania
Founder and CEO
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