Utaggit Product Update: Simple Does It

Our bag tags are made from durable materials and the letterings are laser engraved to ensure readability even after years of use.

Contact Page With Private Mode OFF (Left) and Privacy Mode ON (Right) as seen by the Finder

We're very excited to announce the addition of 5 new cool features and a better control panel in our Utaggit service. It improves the user experience by reducing the number of steps that Utaggit users need to do when they lose items enabled with our contact links. In summary, the old version required the owner to perform at least 4 steps when declaring a lost item. Notification was not in real-time and required the owner to ask for human assistance from Kontakme to perform a tracking of the lost item. It also required the owner to reveal their contact information in public (sacrificed privacy) in exchange for the possibility of someone seeing the contact info.

In the new version, the owner may opt not do anything if something gets lost. All they need to do is wait for a notification in their email or in their control panel. We let common sense do the work. What do we mean by that. If you give a simple instruction to the finder on what to do when they find a lost item, chances are they will follow that instruction. Our priority is to establish a communication between the finder and the owner without sacrificing the owner's privacy and safety.

With the enhancements, we hope to see our users labeling their personal items again, just like what the older generation did before, but this time not just with names and phone numbers but with their personalized contact links. Kontakme added the functionality of being able to communicate with the owner. Whilst a name in a tag can identify the owner, our contact link can establish a communication link between the finder and the owner without showing the owner's contact details for the public to see. This is done with a little help from technology. Items that are written, engraved, tagged or coded with a contact link have a higher and faster chance of being returned to their owners if they get lost because the owner can easily be reached. Our contact links and improved processes are much easier to implement and once it is implemented, it requires little to no maintenance. As long as it sticks or is properly secured to your personal items and it is visually readable, it will always work. We would like to emphasize that we DO NOT guarantee that lost items that are "tagged" with our contact links will be returned. No product or service in the market today can guarantee that. But just wait and see how a simple instruction can trigger the process of returning a lost item to its rightful owner. Humankind's willingness to be part of a solution is an important element in our solution. It just needs a little push to the right direction coupled with common sense. This is a very simple solution to a very simple problem and it gets the job done.

Here are the details of the update.

1. Do nothing mode - In the previous version, Your tag has a tag status setting which you need to set to "In-Transit" mode when you start traveling. In this mode, none of your contact info in the contact page is visible to the public. Only your complete name. If your item gets lost, you need to log into your account, set the tag status to LOST and then hope and wait that someone calls you. In the "LOST" mode, your full name, contact info, and address becomes visible to the public. Nothing wrong with it if your are trying to retrieve something back, but there is always some crazy individual out there who has other plans ;-) For persons who have issues with privacy, this may be a turn off, but hey, it's a necessity that you have to do to get a lost item back. If you do not change the tag status to 'LOST', anybody who opens your contact link will not be able to get in touch with you

In the new version, the tag status setting has been replaced with a simple privacy setting. The user's account is set to private mode by default. If you use your contact link in a bag tag, you don't have to set anything when you travel unlike the older version. If you lose an item associated to your contact link, you can decide to do nothing and just wait for an email. You will now be able to get a near real-time notification even in private mode. Sometimes, you won't even notice that you lost something until the person who finds your stuff notifies you. With the new version, we've equipped the tags with simple instructions to open your contact link. In the contact page, the Finder can send their name and phone number. Your privacy is assured and you still get a notification via email and through the Utaggit control panel. It is simplified and requires little to no activity on the part of the owner.

2. Full Privacy - In the old version, when in transit mode, anybody who happens to open your contact link will see your first name and last name. And there is a possibility for a really kick ass hacker to even get the email address if they know what they're doing.

In the new version, they will only see your first name and the first letter of your last name and the codes handling the mailing have been completely secured and there is no trace of the owner's email address.

3. Enhanced Tracking - In the old version, we had a beacon button which when clicked will notify Utaggit of the IP address of the Finder. IP addresses do not offer much in terms of accuracy. At best it will only show the city or even the province or region where the finder is located after a geo IP resolution. But the fact that it is triggered means someone may have found a lost item. And we use that info to inform the owner in non real-time.

In the new version, the beacon button is changed to INFO button. It is visible even when in PRIVATE mode. We've added an engaging animation to increase the chances of the finder clicking the button. When clicked it opens a form which allows the finder to enter their Name, Contact no. and leave a message. These details are sent to the owner and the owner is notified right away via email. The Finder has the option to share their location info to the owner. When their location info is shared, the owner can actually get a fairly accurate location of the finder. This information is directly sent to the owner and does not need any intervention from Utaggit or Kontakme. This all happens in near real-time.

Note the owner's name. The last name is now displaying only the first letter. The owner can still opt to remove the last name if necessary. The INFO button is animated and meant to engage the finder to click it.

4. Enhanced Notification - In the old version, the Utaggit user only gets a notification through the Utaggit Control Panel and it is not in real-time.

In the new version, the notification is sent in near real-time to the owner's email address and to the Control Panel. Email apps are often always turned ON in smartphones which means users can also get an audible notification almost instantly. The Control Panel offers a visual notification when a contact link has been triggered to send a notification. The notification contains the following info:

a. IP address of the Finder

b. Location information in Google Maps if available ; the accuracy depends on the device used by the finder and if he or she allowed the location info to be shared.

c. Name ; the finder may or may not provide a name

d. Mobile no. ; the finder may or may not provide a phone number

e. A message ; the finder may or may not provide a message

f. The contact link that was opened. In some instances, the owner may have several contact links associated to different personal items. This allows the owner to identify which of the personal items have been lost and found. This information may or may not be provided by the finder.

The notification is sent in real-time and the owner can expect auto updates in the control panel every ten (10) minutes. If they want instant updates, a simple screen refresh is all it takes. If the owner has his email app turned ON, he/she can expect also an audible warning (if email notification is turned ON).

And last but not the least, this one is for the avid traveler and we think you'll love this, too.

5. One Touch Return Address Switch - This feature is perfect for bag tag users. When you are traveling, in practice, the return address that you need to put in your bag tag is your address to your destination, not your home address. In the old version, when you travel you need to type the destination address . When you go home you need to change it to your home address which is a bit of work. So we added a feature where you can keep your Home address and fill up an Address #2 for your destination address whenever you need to. When you travel and if you lose your stuff, you simply flick a switch to display either the Home address or Address #2 .

So there you have it. You can now turn any of your personal belongings into hybrid, passive and trackable items. Call it a smart tag if you like because it is indeed smart. For me, I call it a smart solution. It is the heart of every poorman's version of the Internet of Things because it is very economical and it simply works by turning any writable, engrave-able, code-able object into an active element of the Internet.

But wait? How does it work without electricity? Where can you get the tags? Please check out our website at utagg.it to learn more. But we highly recommend you experience it yourself. Sign-up now for a contact link for your interactive tags and start tagging all your valuables. You won't regret you did!


Jonee Pabiania - CEO and Founder

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If you experience any bugs in the website or with the service, please let us know as soon as possible. If you want other features or color themes to be added in the service, I will be happy to discuss it with you. I'm listening :-) ...

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