Bleu Kloud Service™ = Better People Networking Experience and New Revenue Streams

We are excited to announce the commercial availability of the BLEu Kloud Service™ (BKS) solution designed to serve the needs in small to very large people networking events and public areas such as conventions, exhibits, business waiting area, or multi-dwelling residences where there is a need to broadcast important contact information such as exhibitors list, participants list, speakers list, utility services list, food, hotel and transportation lists.

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Contact Link Plus (+) Smarter Business Cards for People Networking Using Tap Tech

Smarter and convenient networking using Tap Tech, the new Contact Link Plus+ business cards from Kontakme in partnership with will make it easy for your business card recipients to open your contact link and save your contact info into any NFC enabled smartphone. No more text typing, just tap and save. And it works with iPhone 7 and up, too!

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A Service That Can Increase Your Chances of Getting Your Lost Stuff Back.

Iron-on name tag for clothing applications.

The practice of labeling items with our name is an age old tradition to make sure our personal items find their way back to us. Contact links can be used to provide the same benefits plus several more features that increases the chances of lost items being returned to us.

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A Business Card Hack That is Ripe for Use Today.

pile of businesscard

Adding a contact link in your business card makes you part of a solution to make it easier to memorize contact information in business cards. It can even be the solution to reduce the amount of physical business cards we are currently keeping on our desks, or the endless memory upgrades we need to do to keep contact information, most of it may not even be updated.

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    About Us
    Kontakme is a New York based online service for easily creating universal digital business cards, new generation of paper and wireless business cards, simplified property tags, and pet tags. We work with other great companies to create other solutions like the Contact Link Plus , a tap-to-save paper business card created in partnership with We also have the Contact Link Bleu, a bluetooth beacon that acts as a wireless business card which you can use to broadcast to multiple smartphone users in a limited geographic area.

    We are focused on bringing our core service called the ContactLink into mainstream use and we have built a complete portfolio of products and services that promises to make it easier to share, memorize, save, and manage contact information economically.

    Kontakme is a servicemark of Kontakme LLC.

    The Eternity Business Card, Contact Link Plus, ContactLink, Contact Link BLEU, and BLEU Kloud Services are trademarks of Kontakme LLC.

    The domain names,, and are registered to Kontakme LLC. For integration with your existing website or domain name, please contact us.

    Use the infinity symbol ( ∞ ) to advertise your contact link. See our marketing guide for details.

    Enterprise Integration
    Kontakme can be deployed in companies with large number of sales and marketing personnel. Contact us for integration details.

    Partners and Affiliate Programs
    Kontakme LLC is looking for partnerships with companies currently in the following industry:
    • Ad Agency business
    • Marketing Communications
    • NFC Production and Distribution
    • Business Cards Production
    • Web Site Development
    • Name Tags, Business Tags and Pet Tags manufacturing
    Please contact us if you are interested.

    We accept payments via credit cards and PayPal accounts.

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